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Our dedicated and passionate team is at the heart of our mission to transform the streets of the United Kingdom into vibrant, safe, and engaging spaces. Get to know the talented individuals who work tirelessly to bring creativity to crosswalks across the UK.

Sarah Mitchell – Founder and CEO

Sarah Mitchell is the visionary behind Creative Crosswalks.

With a background in urban planning and a passion for creative design, Sarah founded the company to blend artistic expression with urban safety. She leads the team with her innovative ideas and commitment to enhancing pedestrian experiences.

James Turner – Lead Creative Designer

James Turner is our lead creative designer, responsible for turning concepts into captivating crosswalk designs.

With a degree in graphic design and a penchant for pushing the boundaries of creativity, James brings a unique flair to each project, ensuring that our crosswalks are both functional and visually stunning.

Emma Patel – Installation Manager

Emma Patel oversees the logistics and installation of our creative crosswalks.

With a background in construction management, Emma ensures that every installation adheres to safety standards and design specifications. Her attention to detail and project management skills keep our installations on track.

Laura Collins – Community Engagement Coordinator

Laura Collins is our community engagement coordinator, forging connections with local communities, artists, and stakeholders.

Laura believes in the power of collaboration and works tirelessly to ensure that our projects are reflective of each community’s identity and values.

Lisa Roberts – Administrative Support

Lisa Roberts provides essential administrative support to the team. Her organisational skills and attention to detail keep our projects running smoothly, from documentation and scheduling to client communications.

The Installation Team

Our skilled installation team is comprised of dedicated individuals who bring our creative designs to life on the streets.

They have a wealth of experience in road marking and construction, ensuring that our crosswalks are not only beautiful but also safe and durable.

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